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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Checklist: Last 4 days in USofA !

Finally 4 month long trip coming to an end. It is kind of mixed feelings now. I really want to go home and I think I would also miss USA!

But lot of things to be completed in last 4 days !! 4 exams in 3 days !

1) Advanced Derivatives: In Class Exam: not much of a problem, would require around 3 hrs of exam preparation and 3 hours of exam. I simply love this course.

2) Advanced Fixed Income: Another, In class exam, around 3 hrs of exam preparation and 3 hours of exam. I love this too !

3) Applied Corporate Finance: Take Home, I have been delaying this from last 2 days. It should not take more than 2 hours, so waiting for the threshold to hit !!

4) Private Equity: Ideally I would like to post no comments on this. I just did not like this course except the LBO modeling part. Take Home exam and deadline is at 3 p.m., 18th. It is a long paper with boring start of writing 48 definitions. I started with it and wrote some 15 odd definitions. Voila ! when I checked today, it seems I did not save the word file, so hell lot of work and motivation and efforts gone in vain!!!

What other work left ! Need to mail zillion of people here before I leave without them this wonderful experience would not have been possible. That is due for 19th evening.

The biggest of two works which are left:

Cleaning the Apartment: Yes, I have to do that. I dont want to pay a fortune for leaving the cleaning part on them. Just for information, I have to clean 2 bedrooms, a big hall, kitchen and a bathroom. I am not wasting more than 2 hours in this for sure. Another assignment for 19th evening.

Packing: Whenever I traveled from Ahmedabad to Kolkata, at most I took 30 mins in packing. But that was different, I would put my cloths which I could see in my wardrobe in my suitcase just like as they were some pieces of trash. But here, I dont know.. which utensils, books, notes etc to be taken. Another problem would be dumping all the trash left as I need to vacate the apartment completely. So another 6 hours gone !! Also, another 1 hour for final check about important documents like passport, air tickets, departure notice, i-94 etc etc.

And a movie a day also ! I saw "just at heaven" today. A real cute movie. I guess I would also see "enemy at the gate" in some time.

I would post few other experiences at USofA soon. Few good one, few nasty ones !


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